The Centre for Theory in Natural Science (CTN) is aimed at strengthening fundamental frontline scientific research at the University of Aarhus. The Centre will stimulate new initiatives and support already existing interdisciplinary collaborations. The strong interdisciplinary theoretical environment will be an asset for future potential researchers and students.

The Centre’s research and teaching activities will arise from collaboration between its institutes, whereas the Centre leader will take charge of larger collective arrangements.


The Centre for Theory in Natural Science administers activities such as:

  • Employment of post docs in interdisciplinary projects between two or more research groups.
  • Invitation of guest researchers with the aim of bridge building between research areas.
  • Series of lectures (Lindhard Lectures) with prominent guests aimed at theoreticians, but open to all.
  • Meetings for all, where presentation of projects related to the Faculty of Science is central. 
  • Thematic cross-disciplinary activities, not necessarily theoretical, with involvement of external expertise.